Generate Seat Plan

Please tell us the number of your guests, tables, guests per table, and the minimum number of known guests.

AI-Wedding Seating Planner

We use AI to create a wedding seating planner tool to arrange the layout of your reception tables and create your seating plan.

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Organize Your Wedding Reception with Ease

Our 3-step table planner makes planning your reception extremely easy. Once you’ve entered your guests, as well as their acquintance, we will do the rest.

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99.99% Uptime

Over 100k visitors per month

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Always in Sync

Don’t worry about the data, always be synchronized.

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Why you should choose

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Unlimited Flexibility

See the full seating plan of your guests.

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Secure and fast

Save time, energy and avoid misunderstandings.

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Friendly Layout

We automatically work out the seating plan of your guests.

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Simple usage

In 3 steps, you will get a full seating plan for your guest without hassle.

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Proven Technology

We used the latest AI technology to ensure that your guests are assigned to tables with their friends.

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98.99% satisfaction

If you are not satisfied by the results, we will refund you.